FwdCode Campus Ambassador Program

Want to be involved in FwdCode as more than an attendee?

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A Campus Ambassador is a representative of FwdCode for their university or college.

As a Campus Ambassador, you have the role of marketing FwdCode to fellow students at your university, being the liaison between FwdCode and your campus, and working to promote unity and social good. Since FwdCode events are planned to be held at various locations, Campus Ambassadors have also the opportunity of possibly helping to host a FwdCode event in their area.

A Campus Ambassador is not restricted to one role and will work with FwdCode on various tasks. Additionally, Campus Ambassadors have the freedom to individually shape their role in FwdCode. However, Campus Ambassadors will not directly organize most FwdCode events.

There are many incentives to being a Campus Ambassador! These include:

  • - In-depth experience with social media, brand marketing, communication and networking
  • - Enrollment in our Campus Ambassador point system
  • - The opportunity to host a hackathon in your area!
  • - Swag from FwdCode and various other companies

Nope! Just fill out our application here!

Not at all. We are looking for Campus Ambassadors interested in working with FwdCode from various locations and various colleges and universities.

The only requirement to attend is that you are a college student. You don't need to have any coding or hackathon experience -- just a willingness to collaborate and create!

A Campus Ambassador’s role and time commitment will change throughout the year. For example, they might have more tasks around the time there is a FwdCode event. However, since Campus Ambassadors aren't full members of the FwdCode team, their time commitment will in general not be huge.

Maybe! We'll release more information on that when we can.

Fill out our application here! Within a few weeks, we will get back to you with your results and next steps.

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